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Women Empowerment

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With women empowerment we mean, giving a women a chance to explore herself and know her abilities and then contribute these abilities for the bettern=mwnt of the society. We approach to women who are educated and are willing to work. These women are trained to work for healthcare, educating children, taking care of those children whose mother has to go work for work etc.

We make these women work in their villages only as we have seen women hasitating in going out and work and therefore utilizing their abilities to help their area is a great solution.Doing this can help instant help in any situation.

We have made cruches to help women go for work and make sure their child have a better healthcare & Hygeine and try giving education to them in these cruched.

Swasthya gram provides training and education to the women and girls of rural and underprivileged areas to develop their skills where education or vocational institutes are still a dream. We empower the women and children against malnutrition. We train the women of the rural areas to improve their qualities and their inner skills. We provide proper education to women for improvement of their skills in health care activities. Our main motive is to make the women of rural and underprivileged area self dependent and to develop the potential of the women and girl .We try to educate the women regarding health care activities.