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Primary Healthcare/Community Services

We also provide a very reliable Primary Healthcare and Community Services to our patients residing in the rural areas where doctors are still not easy to reach in emergency cases.


With women empowerment we mean, giving a women a chance to explore herself and know her abilities and then contribute these abilities for the betterment of the society.

Adolescent Health & Awareness

Predicting which patients with suicidal thoughts will go on to attempt suicide cannot be achieved with a high degree of sensitivity, to understand the mental state of a patient one has to console that patient.

Migrant Labour and Their Issues

Construction workers migrate from one work-site to another often with their families living in deplorable and unhygienic conditions. We ensure social security are implemented on ground.

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Swasthya Gram is an inititive to give necessary facilities to all the people of living in the rural areas, at affordable prices without compromising the quality of services. Through this program we go to different villages and meet the head of the village or "Gram Panchayat Samiti" as popularly known, ask them about what is lacking in the village and if the issue is genuine, we convience them to collaborate with us to sort the issue.For this Swasthya Gram has joined hands with different NGO's working for the betterment of rural areas. After the issue is discussed, we immediately approach the concerned NGO and start working on resolving the issue.This initiative will help people of Mankapur to fight diseases and get better healthcare. Swasthya Gram is developed following the vision of Swasthya Bharat "Healthy India".

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