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Seasonal migration for livelihood among poor groups is a growing phenomenon in India due to rural impoverishment, rapid industrialisation, and urbanisation.

Construction workers migrate from one work-site to another often with their families living in deplorable and unhygienic conditions. We ensure that existing legislation for construction workers that provides benefits and social security are implemented on ground.

Swasthya Grams initiatives has some success in galvanizing the administration such as temporary food ration cards, education benefits to migrant children, grievance handling with Labour Department, developing health referral system with government health services

We also came across the issue only women of these migrant families are facing.The male member goes out to earn living for his family and women is left at home in most of the cases.The women at home sometimes faces security issues. In these cases, Swasthya Gram reach out to these women and encourage them to work and help them earn living for themselves and in a safe environment.