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  • Name: The name of the society should be Swasthya Gram.
  • Membership: Every subscriber to the memorandum of society, Every member of Governing Body and every person who belives in the aims and objects of this society and whom the governing body may admit as member shall be the member of the society.
  • Subscription: The rate of subscription for all the member shall be Rs.1000/- payable at the time pf enrolment as a member.
  • Cessation of Membership: A person shall cease be a member of the society by resignation, death, disqualification, insolvency or liquidation or for non-attending without taking leave for absence, three consecutive meetings of the General Body as the case may be. A member shall be deemed to have become disqualified, if in the view of the other members expressed by a resolution of the majority of the total member of the members, he is of unsound mind, or has worked against the aims and Objects of the society or has committed an act, which makes it undesirable to have him as member or his membership cease to be in the interest of the society.
  • Refusal: The Governing Body of the society may refuse any person the membership provided the Governing Body records the reasons for such refusal.

Governing body of the Society

  • The management of the affairs of the society shall vest in the Governing Body . The Governing Body shall consist of not less seven members who shall be elected by the members of society. Secret ballot shall be the mode of election.
  • Term of Governing Bodies Members: The members of the Governing Body shall hold office for a term of Three years from the dates of their appointment and shall be eligible for re-appointment. Unless otherwise decided by the Governing Body, a member of the Governing Body shall continue to be in office after the expiry of his term until his successor has been appointed.
  • Vacancy of Governing Body: In case a member of the Governing Body resigns, dies, ceases to be a member or vacates office otherwise, the vacancy may be filled by the Governing Body by nomination for the balance term.
  • Powers Of the Governing Body: Without prejudice to the generality of the powers of the Governing Body to do such things as it may consider necessary or shall be expedient for the purpose of carrying out the objects of the society, the governing body exercise the following powers.
  • Open bank account in the name of the society with such hank(s) or other institution (s) as it may think fit from time to time, and authorize any two of its members to operate such account(s) president and treasurer.
  • Defray the expenses of the society activities and make contribution from the funds of the society to any other trust or society or association having objects similar to those of the society.
  • Invest/deposit such funds of the society as may not be immediately required in such manner as may be determined by the Governing Body from time to time subject to any statutory restrictions and realize or vary such investments.
  • Borrow moneys for the purpose Of the society and if necessary, create' lien. On the society assets for the purpose.
  • Appoint and, at the discretion, remove or suspend employees of all categories of the society and, from time to time determine their powers and duties and fix their remuneration and terms of employment.
  • Delegate any of its powers to such committees or sub-committees and as it may constitute consisting of such members and or to any member of the Governing Body or office bearer of the society.
  • MEETING OF THE GOVERNING BODY: The Governing body shall meet as and when a meeting is convened by the chairman or is requisitioned by three members of the governing body provided that shall meet at least once in six months.
  • NOTICE FOR MEETING: At least 30 days notice shall be given for a meeting Of the Governing Body, but a meeting may be called by the chairman without any notice in case of exigencies.
  • QUORUM FOR MEETING: 2/3rd members of the Governing Body, personally present, shall from the quorum for a meeting of the Governing body.
  • DECISIONS: The Governing Body shall take decisions by a vote of the majority. Every member shall have one vote and in case of a tie, chairman Of the meeting shall also have a casting vote.
  • RESOLUTION BY CIRCULATION: A resolution by the majority of the members of the Governing Body after circulation amongst all the member for the time being in India, shall be an effective and binding as resolution passed at a meeting of the Governing Body.


  • He shall preside all the meetings of the General Body and Governing Body.
  • In case of equality of votes in any meeting he shall have a casting vote.
  • He shall supervise work of other office bearers of the society.

Vice President

  • He shall represent the President in his absence.
  • He shall assist him as and when necessary for furtherance of the objectives of society.